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Thank you for visiting Kara's Mom Photography. Kara's Mom Photography specializes in both studio and on-location (outdoor) photography for newborns, babies, infants, toddlers, children, families, maternity as well as birth photography.

Kara's Mom Photography is located in Columbus, GA.

As one of Columbus' portrait photographers, Kara's Mom Photography features portrait sessions of newborn photos, babies, children, family portraits, maternity, individual portraits as well as birth photography.

Maternity and Pregnancy Photography

Book your maternity session today with Kara's Mom Photography. Pregnancy is a miracle and should be celebrated and remembered through custom Portraits. I would love to shoot your special pregnancy moments through photography either in studio or on-location. Kara's Mom Photography recommends booking your maternity session between 32-36 weeks gestation, depending on size and pre-term delivery risk. As a maternity photographer, Kara's Mom Photography serves greater Columbus, Georgia area.

Newborn Photography

Kara's Mom Photography is known ver well for her newborn work. Schedule your studio or on-location newborn session today for memories of your newborn to last a lifetime. Please be sure and schedule your newborn session within the first 10 days of life. Kara's Mom Photography serves greater Columbus, Georgia area.

Baby Photography

Kara's Mom Photography always strives to provide some of the most original and unique professional baby portraits in Columbus, Georgia. Please browse through the baby gallery on our website to see the unique and original studio and on-location sessions I have photographed in the past years. Sessions can take place in our studio where we have a nice selection of backdrops and props for your liking, or outdoors in your favorite park or home location. Kara's Mom Photography serves greater Columbus, Georgia area as your baby portrait photogapher.

Family Photography

Kara's Mom Photography is known for awesome family portraiture. Schedule your family session today for your studio portraits, or on-location session. We have a unique and fun style and will provide you keepsakes of your family. Kara's Mom Photography serves greater Columbus, Georgia area.

Birth Photography

Kara's Mom Photography believes that the special moments of the arrival of your child should be captured! Leave this important task up to me! You will not be able to reenact these moments if your husband or mom forgot to snap an important picture. Kara's Mom Photography serves greater Columbus, Georgia area with her birth photography and you should get in touch with me as I can only take on a limited number every month.

Columbus, Georgia Custom Family, Newborn, Maternity, Child and Birth Photographer

Kara's Mom Photography is an exclusive photographer that provides services of all types in the greater Columbus, GA area. Kara's Mom Photography is one of the most original and unique photographers in the city of Columbus, specializing in beautiful and unique newborn photography, maternity photography, baby photography, child photography, family photography and birth photography.

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