5th Annual live Easter Bunny Session

In 2013 we had to move our yearly bunny sessions into the studio due to a massive amount of rain. They are different than usual – in a very good way!

IMG_0172 (3) IMG_0178 IMG_0199 IMG_0205 (2) IMG_0206 IMG_0225 IMG_0228 IMG_0241 IMG_0243 IMG_0247 IMG_0254 IMG_0270 IMG_0276 IMG_0296 IMG_0309 IMG_0312 IMG_0331 IMG_0343 IMG_0358 IMG_0388 IMG_0431 IMG_0433 IMG_0458 IMG_0465 IMG_0468 IMG_0479 IMG_0487


~waiting on jayden~ columbus ga maternity and newborn photography

When I was working on J. Maternity Session I realized really quickly that those images were starting to become so of my favorites – who would have thought I would end up feeling the same way about Jayden’s Newborn session:

IMG_0001 IMG_0014 (2) IMG_0044 (2) IMG_0072 (2) IMG_0086 IMG_1512 IMG_1524 IMG_1531 (2) IMG_1539 IMG_1554 IMG_1560 (2)

~chantal’s maternity~ Columbus, GA mom to be portraits

IMG_9784 IMG_9794 (2) IMG_9801 (2) IMG_9831 IMG_9863 (2) IMG_9874 (2)

~baby o. on the way~ Columbus GA maternity photography

IMG_0059 (2) IMG_0084 IMG_0097 IMG_0112 IMG_0114 (2)

~baby l.~ Newborn images Columbus, GA

IMG_9447 IMG_9458 (2) IMG_9471 IMG_9475 (2) IMG_9521

~Allie and Cordelia~ Newborn Photographer in Columbus, GA

IMG_9307 IMG_9322 IMG_9335 IMG_9367 (2) IMG_9373

~Baby Emma~ Newborn Pictures Columbus, GA

IMG_9213 IMG_9222 (2) IMG_9251 (2) IMG_9274 IMG_9278

~Benjamin~ Columbus, GA Newborn and 6 months portraits

Look at Benjamin – as a 3 week old and then as a 6 months old. I love watching them grow:

IMG_9089 IMG_9102 (2) IMG_9118 (2) IMG_9165 (2) IMG_9279 IMG_9285 (2) IMG_9288 (2) IMG_9305 IMG_9329 (2)

~baby jace~ Newborn Photographer Columbus, GA

Also a little late in the game at almost 3 weeks – we managed to get some beautiful shots regardless:

IMG_8840 (2) IMG_8853 IMG_8882 (2) IMG_8895 (2) IMG_8886

~mr. william~ Children Portraits Columbus, GA

Look at this super happy little dude:

IMG_8720 IMG_8725 IMG_8743 IMG_8749 IMG_8760 (2) IMG_8780 (2)